Perhaps you have heard about keyword research tools, and you are wondering which one is suitable or provides the best service.  I am here to introduce you to “Jaaxy”, the best keywords research tool. Besides, you may not be conversant with keywords and how search engines interact with keywords, and how keywords interact with search… Read More »

Ads-ecosystem: A must-know by Advertisers and Publishers

Overview In the digital advertisement, Ad-ecosystems are groups of various components that co-exist within the content environment and work synergistically, for successful advertisement campaigns. Both publishers and Advertisers must understand the ecosystem of digital advertisement. This will, in turn, help the two players, to develop an agreeable mode of operation, when conducting an online Ad-campaign,… Read More »

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Ad Fraud Detection and Prevention Mechanisms

Overview Digital advertising is one of the sources of revenue for both the advertisers and indeed the publishers/affiliates. Knowing the targets of cyber criminals in the processing of the Ads is very important in the early detection and thus, prevention of ad fraud While advertisers earn revenue from the increased traffic to their websites which… Read More »

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Is working from remote here to stay?

Before the end of the pandemic, one would think that once it was over, then life would return to the pre-covid era, and perhaps the “new normal” would remain in the public health arena! But  Lo!! what you are about to hear will astound you. Did you know that: a) A survey by mental health… Read More »

Ad Fraud: A must know by both Advertisers and Affiliates

Digital Advertising overview Digital advertising span media formats and encompass such modes as text, image, audio/podcast, and video. Digital marketing has grown and continues to grow in importance because it is an effective means of connecting various types of businesses with web users/visitors/customers when they are online. As such, companies, businesses, drop shippers, etc., invest… Read More »

Online Advertisement : A boost to Affiliate Revenue

Online Advertising and affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is one of the  types of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Did you know that affiliate marketing does not stop at promotion of the merchants products/serves? Actually, affiliate marketing may… Read More »

Why You Need an Affiliate Marketing Website

Perhaps you have been told that it is not necessary to own a website to run an affiliate marketing business. You have, perhaps also been told that you do not require any training to be a successful affiliate marketer. A quick google search will bring such blog posts with such headings as: “Is a website… Read More »