Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deals Leaked

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is just four days away here at Wealthy Affiliate and I thought you should not miss these awesome discounts at all levels. I am reaching out to you to give you information on the full breakdown as to this year’s event, which in many cases will not be replicated in the years to come.

Why not be replicated? First, we know that times are tough for many, and this year’s event takes care of the “looming recession”, which is on everyone’s mind. Although this, indeed, can be viewed as bad news, the opportunities within the online world only continue to grow.

So we want absolutely everyone to be able to capitalize on this through this offer, from being able to upgrade and save a ton of money… to being able to promote this special offer to others and earn a ton of money.

The Dates and the Offers

This year the Black Friday offer runs from the following dates and times: November 25th at NOON PST (Black Friday) – November 28th at 11:59 PM PST (Cyber Monday).

Note that this year’s pricing is our lowest pricing ever, with:

Premium Plus+: $499/year

Premium: $299/year

What is so special this year?

  1. Last Time Ever to Offer these awesome discounts. This is the last time these prices are being offered, and the last year to offer $299 and $499 Black Friday price points. Please, do not waste this chance, take advantage of these offers this year to guarantee that you get the same pricing in subsequent years. Isn’t this a very good deal!! If you agree that this is a very good deal, grab it and upgrade to premium, if you are on starter membership or to premium plus+ or simply pay it forward at this massive discount!!
  2. To purchase a Premium plus + membership at $499 and a Premium membership at $299 is the BEST Value offer you can ever get. It means that “You Get Premium Plus+ for the same price as paid by Premium membership in the year”, thus saving “$689”, This means that you are “Get Premium Plus+ for less than $1.37 per day and Premium at $299 is $0.82 per day”
  3. Isn’t up to $689 Off, an awesome discount? Let’s see the Math. It means that with the monthly price of $99/month, one would pay $1188, which is equivalent to [12 x 99]. This 58% discount. Can you imagine this is true? Yet is real at Wealthy Affiliate.
  4. Final Days of 50 and 10 Websites for premium plus + and Premium memberships, respectively. After the Black Friday offer, WA will trim back the website offering for premium plus + membership from 50 to 10 to be in line with the Managed WordPress Hosting industry. However, if you grab this year’s Black Friday offer, you will still get a 50 Website Plan included with your Premium Plus+ yearly membership, and 10 websites for yearly premium membership, respectively. That means that if you upgraded to premium plus + membership or paid upfront you will be grandfathered into this plan (and can keep it forever). Note that this plan is going to be reduced to 10 websites, with Premium going to 5 websites after the Black Friday event.
  5. More for Premium Plus + Membership:2023 Success Hacks Bonuses. This year the bonus classes (which will all be for Premium Plus+ only) are going to be geared towards “Success Hacks in 2023”. There are going to be 8 Experts outlining their Success Hacks the year ahead. These will be stacked with value and will be worth far more than the price of the yearly membership by themselves. These will be offered to all Premium Plus+ members, and go live through December and January.


This is one of the rare events where you have the chance of being grandfathered at WA with the chance of hosting 50 websites when you upgrade to premium plus + membership during this year’s Black Friday Promotional event. Once this chance goes, chance goes it will not come back. Upgrade to premium plus + and be guaranteed your permanent hosting of up to 50 websites without increase in the cost.

Moreover, you will continue with this subscription thereafter.

I hope you have taken this offer seriously and wishing you all the best in your online business


Joseph Hawumba

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