Jaaxy Review: An All-in-One Affiliates’ Research Tool

By | February 28, 2023

Are you a beginner in affiliate marketing or you are an expert? Are you wondering how many tools you need to search for viable niches, research for keywords, beat the competition, etc. If you are in this situation, then you have found the solutions to your problem. It is the Jaaxy platform.

What is this Jaaxy platform?

In the Affiliate marketing industry, Jaaxy is the only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers, and FOR affiliate marketers. It combines keyword research and a host of other benefits, that enables an affiliate, whether a beginner or a guru, to grow your affiliate marketing business.

With Jaaxy you are being offered the most advanced, yet affordable platform in the world for managing all aspects of keywords, competition [site analysis], websites, and market research.

If you are after new keywords with low competition and high search volume, Jaaxy is an excellent tool to consider. In one place, you are provided with all the data and tools you need to succeed in your affiliate marketing campaigns, and in making informed affiliate-related decisions.

In this review, I am going to walk you through the various functions that the Jaaxy tool can perform for you, and as an affiliate, you will discover that it is the only tool you possibly need to grow your affiliate marketing business. Keep on reading!!

Key Features of Jaaxy

When you go to the interface of the Jaaxy website homepage you will observe the following key features:

Keywords feature: allows you to type in any keywords and to do a keyword search when you click on the find keywords button.

The alphabet soup feature: allows you to find the niche and also refine the keywords and especially to know in detail what people may be searching for. Together with the keywords search tool, you will able to come up with low-competition long-tail keywords.

Site Rank feature: lets you see where your website ranks in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Affiliate Program feature: Jaaxy has an affiliate program whereby Jaaxy affiliates are paid a commission for referring affiliate marketers looking for the best tool to use in research for their businesses, to go to Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Help feature: for any problems you may encounter on your research as well as your website, you may consult Jaaxy via the Jaaxy Help option.

My account feature; this feature specifies the Jaaxy account type you have. It may be a Starter account, the Pro Account, or the Jaaxy Enterprise account.

Saved Lists feature; after searching for the keywords and analyzing them, you will be allowed to select them and save them in a folder such that you can go to the folder any time you need to work on such content as defined by the keywords in a specific folder.

Search analysis feature; this allows you to analyze the competitors by looking at those that have published in your chosen niche. Issues such as word count, site links, Backlinks, Alexa Rank, and AdSense, are used in the analysis.

Search History feature; this feature allows you to follow the history of your search/research. This is very important especially if one got interrupted during the first attempt and somehow could not remember well what he/she was researching. By checking the search history he/she can be refreshed.

Affiliate Programs feature; this should not be confused with the Affiliate program button above. They cater for different functions. The affiliate Programs button is used when you are looking for an affiliate program that covers products in your niche and the merchants/networks housing such programs.

Brainstorming feature; this allows you to dissect the hottest product, information, and search trends in real-time. This will help you by providing insight that will lead you to discover incredible new opportunities in addition to equipping you with the ability to stay in tune across different niches.

The above features reflect what one can get from using the Jaaxy platform and at this time I am going to delve deeper and explain the various products the Jaaxy platform offers. Stay tuned!!

Keyword research

It is estimated that over 500 Million “brand new” search terms are being searched every day in google alone!!. It is, therefore, important that you rely on a keyword research tool that could offer accurate traffic, analyze competition, and provide domain insights into billions of keywords.

Jaaxy does exactly that and can help you “dig” as deep as you walk into keyword research, thereby saving you hours per week on keywords research activities. The advantage of using this tool will be that you will get more time to work on other aspects of your business

Moreover, using Jaaxy as Keyword Research Tool will enable you to discover unique, hot, and untouched keywords, around which you will develop content that will drive both your SEO and PPC campaigns to new heights. That is not all. Jaaxy platform will also help you to:

Managing competition. But how?

Note that one of the most important aspect of keyword research is the ability to develop keywords of low competition or what is described as long-tail keywords. To be able to do this, you will require a tool that is critical and with yet hardest-to-discover metrics, to analyze for you TRUE keyword competition. Jaaxy does exactly that and will provide you with competition data for any of the specific keywords in your searches. Surely, this is going to give you a true competitive edge.

What else can you expect? Indeed, Jaaxy will:

Provide you with of Efficient, Fast, Powerful Keyword Data. How?

Jaaxy is an all-round platform that serves not only affiliates but can also be used by other online businesses such as SEO firms, and fortune 500 firms, that may require a tool to get access to keywords relevant to their businesses. These keywords and research platform will be helpful to these business entities in producing the keyword data needed in a matter of seconds.

Notably, Jaaxy platform, with its multi-threaded search functions, has the ability to perform up to FIVE searches at once. And with a growing database of 100’s MILLIONS of keywords, Jaaxy is the most powerful, accurate, and robust keyword research platform on the market. It should not be over-emphasized: Jaaxy is the most reliable keyword research platform for both affiliate marketers and many other online businesses.

This is not all. In fact with Jaaxy, you do not need to worry and look for another tool to use when working with other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Indeed,; with Jaaxy, you have a:

99.7% Search Engine Coverage!!

As a keyword research tool, Jaaxy is not limited to specific search engines. As a matter of fact, data from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are pulled directly within Jaaxy, offering you a 99% keyword and associated data coverage for all of your searches.

Since these 3 Search Engines own 99.7% of all search traffic online, it is as clear as noonday that making keyword research using Jaaxy gives affiliates and indeed other online businesses unparalleled access to ALL the various search engine data. The obvious outcome would be that your content will rank in 99.7% of all search engines.

Finally, when all of that is said and done, Jaaxy platform still:

The Ultimate tool in Keyword Management. But how?

Jaaxy does not only help in keyword research but it also helps in the overall management of keyword research results. Such features as Save List, Search history, and Search analysis; enable you to store, share, export, and manage all your keyword research activities with Jaaxy’s state-of-the-art keyword management platform. It has never been more efficient to manage your research activities and leverage this data for your own personal or business insights with any other tools other than Jaaxy.

Niche Research

As much as researching for the best keywords is very important, I have to point out that without a relevant niche, keywords would be irrelevant. For keywords, simply put, is a guiding word, words, or phrases your target audience type in the search engine search box in order to search for particular products or services or brands.

All those people that such for such products/services/brands using specific keywords that define such products/services/brands, constitute the niche.

The most prominent feature of Jaaxy platform that is useful for finding and streamlining a viable niche is the Alphabet Soup Platform. It should be noted that sometimes researching for a viable niche is not that easy. There could be very many possibilities as are the letters in the English alphabet.

If one was to go manual, it would take a very long time, leave alone requiring too much expertise, in order to come up with a good and viable niche. What has Jaaxy research platform done to solve this problem? Continue reading.

This is how Jaaxy platform has solved the problem. Before giving you the answer, let’s take one scenario, where you have a niche idea that you want to check and see if it has less competition and is also viable. You will take this niche idea and type it in the alphabet soup search window. If you clicked the such button you will see a number of search results with variants of the search term you originally typed in the search window.

The alphabet soup technique relies on taking any search term or phrase and quickly build an alphabetized list or search phrase variants from it. What Jaaxy research platform has done is to automate this research technique such that, from one search, one will literally have 100’s of awesome keywords in seconds.

What will you do with all of these? You can go through the list following how they have been generated alphabetically and select those that best define or polish up your original niche idea (s). If you have defined well your niche idea, you can take it in the Jaaxy keywords search to generate a set of keywords that may be useful in the generation of content for your newly found niche.

For details on how to find evergreen niche ideas, you may benefit from reading this post as well.

After getting your niche, is this all you should expect from this platform and hence seek the services of other platforms? Certainly, you will want to do more analysis to ensure that your chosen niche has less competition and most importantly, that it is evergreen. Jaaxy can still help you solve these challenges. Continue reading.

Having a niche that is also evergreen is very important. But is this all that you need? You may also want to see the trend within the evergreen niches!! How would you solve this problem? One way would be to:

Brainstorm in order to find the Hottest Trends

Jaaxy platform provides just this. Specifically, you will discover that within Jaaxy you have access to a brainstorming feature that allows the affiliate/content writer/merchant/advertiser to dissect the hottest product, information, and search trends IN-REAL TIME!! This capacity to brainstorm will equip you with insight that will lead you to discern incredible new opportunities. Besides, you will be also equipped with the ability to stay alert to any changing trends across different niches.

With this capability, what else will Jaaxy enable you to further analyze the viability of your niche? You may ask such questions as: Is my niche lucrative? Will it expose me to lucrative affiliate programs? And so many others along the profitability lines……. I can assure you that within your chosen niche, whether you are a newbie or a guru, Jaaxy platform will help you:

To Uncover Lucrative Affiliate Programs. But HOW?

You should not forget that your niche determines the affiliate program you can join and promote its products/services/brands. So if you want to know which are the lucrative affiliate opportunities within your niche, Jaaxy platform provides the affiliate programs search-function feature, which you can use to search, find and analyze affiliate programs available. Surely, within a database of over 15,000 affiliate programs at the Jaaxy platform, you have uncountable opportunities to find lucrative affiliate programs that you can work with.

An evergreen and lucrative niche is what every affiliate/publisher wants. If you are a newbie you may be worried about the mountain of competition you must surmount bearing in mind that there are already your counterparts in the industry that have already created authority sites as well as traffic to their sites. In other words, they already have a following!!

Will the Jaaxy platform provide critical analysis concerning my possible competitors? If this is your worry, calm down. Jaaxy platform will solve this challenge by:

Analyzing your SEO Competition. But HOW?

In order to write content within a niche that will rank high in search engines, one has to understand who the competitors are and what are they doing differently to have their content ranked high in search engines. This will be achieved after determining which “ranking factors” are contributing to their rankings and hence traffic to their niche websites.

Therefore, you need a tool that will not only reveal who the competitors are but also help you to optimize your keywords such that you generate content that is optimized for search engines. This is the basis of Search engine optimization or SEO. Jaaxy platform can help you know who and where competition within your niche comes from. Through its inbuilt Search Analysis algorithm, Jaaxy can easily determine which niche website ranks high for any searched keywords by taking the results from any search and uncovering what the top-ranked websites are doing.

There is an element of reverse engineering here!! And indeed Jaaxy platform has the capability to unearth what has led a certain niche website to rank high in search engines and thus have high traffic!! So, when you perform a niche Search Analysis, the Jaaxy platform Search Analysis algorithm will be able to reverse engineer any successful website, right down to the keyword density, meta tags, Alexa rank, content insights, and backlink insights.

This is very important in understanding the basis of success i.e., one must understand what “success” is all about!!

Lastly, on niche research and ranking, it goes without realizing that the same keywords, and hence content, may rank differently in different search engines because different search engines use different ranking factors. In other words, what contributes to rankings in Google, differs from what contributes to ranking in other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. The reason for this is simple: Bing and Yahoo rely on completely different ranking factors and algorithms.

Are you worried about this “new” discovery, assuming you did not know? Simply relax, the Jaaxy platform is your solution. It can efficiently analyze rankings across search engines. Since these 3 Search Engines own 99.7% of all search traffic online, it is as clear as noonday that performing niche analysis to unearth possible competition using Jaaxy, gives affiliates and indeed other online businesses, timely information concerning both performance of competing niche websites and what one needs to do to be competitive. Most importantly, Jaaxy platform will give you results for the three search engines, hence for 99.7 % of the online search traffic.

Site Rank for SEO

As already shown above, one of the features of Jaaxy platform is SiteRank. This can help you determine how your site is ranked, under the keyword of your choice, across the three biggest search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo, respectively.

If you want to monitor how your site is ranked in the three search engines, you can efficiently do this using Jaaxy SiteRank, feature. Go to the SiteRank interface on the Jaaxy platform and enter the keyword and the domain of the site you want to track and then perform a search.

You will see how your site ranks for the keyword (s) and position in the first 20 pages. You can choose the frequency at which you want to track your website rankings and it is completely hands-free.

This is not all, you can safely spy on the competition’s rankings too. If you want to know where and how competitors’ websites are ranking compared to yours, simply search any keyword (s) you want to track competition and analyze them to find out whether they are moving up or down in the rankings.

Understanding how your competitors are performing is the first step to beating your competition.

Finally, SiteRank at Jaaxy platform will help you keep track on the historical rankings of your niche website, thereby help you monitor your website’s authority. Specifically, in SiteRank, you will automatically be able to leverage the Jaxxy platform’ historical tracking graphs data, to track your website rankings over periods of time.

This will enable you to clearly understand your website ranking trends and thus your SEO activities. Above all, this revelation will help you pinpoint areas you need to improve and those you require to maintain.

Domain Search

Jaaxy platform is very resourceful when it comes to domain search. As you will realize, every search within Jaaxy will reveal which .com, .org and .net domains are available for the given keyword.

Information from their websites claims that an average search will reveal MANY high traffic, high value domains with an average of 90 domains being checked with every search (3 per search term). If this is so, then this should be the quickest and most powerful way to come up with valuable domains.

Jaaxy Membership Options

Jaaxy offers three types of membership. They include:

  • a) the Starter membership, which gives one a chance to try the platform and gauge if it is the tool you have been looking for. The features the starter membership provides can be seen in the figure below. Most importantly, this starter membership is free!!
  • b) Jaaxy Pro membership. This is the most popular for new websites, specifically targeting beginners. It has all features in the starter package pus even more, as indicated in the figure below. This package attracts a monthly subscription of $49/month.
  • c) Jaaxy Enterprise membership. This is the most popular for power users, specifically targeting experts. It has all features in the Pro package pus even more, as indicated in the figure below. This package attracts a monthly subscription of $99/month.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Jaaxy has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community! As you can see, Jaaxy offers a 40% commission for every referral that upgrade to either the Pro. or the Enterprise membership and it is distributed as follows: If you are a Pro member, you will earn $20 every month recurring commission from each referral and $200 per year, and if you have a Jaaxy Enterprise membership, you earn $40 from each referral every month and $400 per year.

Jaaxy Help

Anybody wants a bonus and also customer care. Moreover, anyone new to keywords, content writing, and of course online business, will find this additional help, which does not require you any extra dime, very valuable. Jaaxy platform does not leave its clientele stranded with a number of unanswered questions.

If you have any questions or concerns, keywords research and management, niches and domains, use the Jaaxy help feature and you will be taken to both written and video content offered to help you understand.

As you can see:

Bonus #1: Offers 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords: This bonus allows you to download 1,000 hand-picked keywords that are set-up for SEO success. This list is a free bonus for you!

Bonus #2: Offers Niches, Keywords, Success: This bonus allows you to download your Niche Research Bonus and learn how to utilize Jaaxy to uncover hot niches in minutes. This guide should be your handbook for Niche Research!, and

Bonus #3: Offers Domain Industry Secrets: This bonus allows you to download the domain industry secrets. Specifically, secrets to tapping into the billion-dollar industry i.e., how to uncover low-cost domains and sell them for much more, as well as your guide to domain flipping. All these are made easy with Jaaxy.

Along with these documents, Jaaxy Help offers more videos that further help one to fully understand the following:

Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management;

Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis;

Niche Research Refinement; and

The Affiliate Program Walkthrough.

This resource [Jaaxy Help] is vital for anyone to understand everything Jaaxy platform offers and to be well-grounded in the basics and practical use of this vital platform, primarily, for affiliates as well as other online business entrepreneurs, in general.

Final thoughts

No tool is perfect in all aspects, but it is weighed on the basis of its overall performance and specifically on the targets it was developed to fulfill. There are many platforms that can be used in keyword research, but Jaaxy is a platform that’s been created by affiliates and for affiliates.

Therefore, as an affiliate, you will discover that it provides all the data and tools you need to succeed in your affiliate marketing campaigns, including keyword research, site analysis, and more, as has been highlighted above.

One thing is clear; whatever results we now get in a flick of seconds, were once-manual processes, which have since been automated. Jaaxy is one such platform that has automated most of the tools required by affiliates, thus making it easy to get the data you need to make informed affiliate-related decisions about your campaigns quickly, yet without compromising accuracy.

Try this vital tool for free by opening up a starter account and judge for yourself its usefulness. Then, once you have convinced yourself of its usefulness, you may upgrade to either the Pro membership or the Enterprise membership.


I have briefly reviewed Jaaxy platform, biasing my review to its unsurpassed usefulness as an all-in-one keyword research and analytical tool all affiliates need to run successful affiliate marketing businesses. Having been developed by affiliates, it has embedded in it, most, if not, all solutions needed by affiliates to achieve success in their businesses.

No one should tell you whether it is worth it or not. There is a free starter package. Do a test drive for yourself, and by yourself and that is when you will reach a fair evaluation of this platform

If you have any questions, comments or opinion about this platform, feel free to share it in comment box below. Thank you very much.


Joseph Hawumba

6 thoughts on “Jaaxy Review: An All-in-One Affiliates’ Research Tool

  1. Joseph

    Your review of the Jaaxy keyword tool is spot-on Joseph and I really enjoyed reading it. There are a million ways to come up with affective keywords and ideas for articles but most of them are going to leave you largely to your own devices and in the end cause you to waste more time than you ought and be more inefficient than got would like. The Jaaxy program gives your ask the pertinent information needed all in one nice little tidy bundle that otherwise you’d have to draw from multiple sources.

    Just out of curiosity, is there any way one could go wrong with the free starter package? In other words, is there really any risk involved to the consumer?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, Joseph, thank you for your comment. Indeed, as you rightly point out; it is easier to deal with one platform than multiple ones when doing keywords and niche research. Jaaxy provides just that. To try to address your curiosity, you cannot go wrong with the starter package. First, it provides you with a maximum number of keywords you may generate. If you are satisfied with it, you can upgrade to Jaaxy Pro. or Jaaxy Enterprise. Once again, thank you very much.

  2. Rachele

    Dr. Joseph,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise relating to the Jaaxy platform. It has some incredible features. I am so grateful that you have broken these features down. Your website covers a lot of Jaaxy highlights.

    I will definitely be returning to your site whenever I need to clarify any questions I may come across.


    Your website is quite a treasure trove of in-depth keyword search information.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, Rachele, thank you very much for appreciating this information. I will soon add more information on keyword research and how Jaaxy best can help.

  3. Steve

    Hi Joseph, I commend you on putting together such a comprehensive review on Jaaxy. This has to be one of the most thorough posts I have read about keyword research. I have used quite a few different keyword tools from Googles one to  Ahref and Semrush. 
    What I like to do now is use a long form keyword (Fat Joe website is good for this) and then run it through Jaaxy and see the phrase which has the best traffic with the lowest opposition. Then I will go into Google and look up my competition for this phrase. If the websites I find have poorly written articles then I will write a comprehensive posts. Because my competition is poor, I know I will rank well. And Jaaxy is an integral part in this process. 


    1. admin Post author

      Hi, Steve, thank you for your comments. I am sure you will be able to generate low-competition long-tail keywords with Jaaxy. It is still fine to start with google and refine your keyword research within Jaaxy. Once again thank you.


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