15 Affiliate Niches in E-Commerce for 2023 and Beyond

By | January 19, 2023

The evolution and roll out of technology that can be adopted in our day-to-day living, means opportunities to affiliates and indeed merchants/advertisers. In this post, I highlight just 15 possible niches for affiliates to eye in 2023 and beyond.


E-commerce flourished more during the pandemic years (2019-2021) as a result of the lockdowns, social distancing, as well as mandates that came with the need to control the spread of covid 19 infection. This meant that brick-and-mortar kind of shopping had to be transformed into online stores and thus business had to be conducted mainly on the internet.

This scenario gave an opportunity for technologies, that would otherwise have been withheld for some time, to be tested in e-commerce. Such technologies include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, metaverse, and virtual reality, which have found a fertile environment for deployment, as they bridge the gap created by the restrictive covid 19 measures.

With these technologies, it is possible for customers to have a “real” shopping experience in the comfort of their homes, or wherever they are, and assist them to make an informed choice of the product or service he/she desires.

Although there have been a slight decrease in online purchases, this appears to be transient and all predictions point to an upward surge in e-commerce and the use of new technologies in 2023 and beyond.

As with any new changes, there are opportunities and indeed losses, especially if one is not keen on the new developments to figure out how he/she should position his/her business within the changes. Notably, the new trends in technology and e-commerce create new opportunities for affiliates/publishers as new niches shall also be created.

This article highlights the new niches, products, services, and brands, which affiliates can leverage in 2023 and beyond, as businesses adapt to the new technology that will revolutionize customers buying experiences in the new commercial paradigm.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Space

Artificial intelligence [A.I.] is the cutting edge of our time and is set to rule the future. Capabilities such as smart chatbots, personalized product recommendation engines, metaverse, augmented realities (AR), voice searches, and production process control, among others, use artificial intelligence.

In other words, tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as decision-making, visual perception, speech recognition, and language translation, will more and more be taken over by machines/computers using Artificial intelligence technology.

For merchants/vendors/advertisers that already have or are planning to leverage affiliate marketing to boost their business performances, several companies provide software built on AI technology that can help you build a good and seamless affiliate program. So, there is any opportunity for affiliates in AI technology? The answer is YES. Keep on reading:

1) AI Affiliate Marketing Software niche.

Typical examples include Scaleo, which develops and sells AI affiliate marketing software to merchants. Scaleo allows merchants/vendors/advertisers to create a seamless customer experience that fits any brand perfectly.

Moreover, all the features each of its clients needs, including a clean easy-to-use interface and support from dedicated managers, is available. This software simplifies the Tracking, Analyzing, and Optimizing of your affiliate business.

Are you running an Affiliate Network? If so, then Scaleo is where to go!! You will be provided with a customizable white-label solution for managing thousands of affiliates, advertisers, creative assets, and more. Meaning that all of the features, you need to build a successful network such as a neat interface, and a dedicated support team that truly cares, will be provided.

The good news for affiliates is that Scaleo runs a referral program, whereby, up to 30% lifetime commissions may be earned for every customer referred. Earning money with the Scaleo Referral Program is easy. It is structured as follows: A 20% commission is earned for every recurring payment, forever. This would grow to 25% for 20+ clients, and finally to 30% for 30+ clients. This is a very good opportunity and an incentive to register for the referral program.

Other companies offering similar products and running their in-house affiliate/referral programs include:

2) Robotics Niche

A few decades ago, no one would think of Robots forming the major workforce in various manufacturing industries. These ideas were relegated to fiction movies!! Now, with the pace at which Robotics technology has advanced, it is no longer fiction but the reality is: “the majority of manual labor tasks in not a distant a future, are going to be done by robots”. Indeed, robots have for some time been doing some tasks but to a very limited degree. However, when AI and robotics are integrated, our world, as we know it, will never be the same again. This market is a game-changer. For the current Affiliate Programs in robotics I refer you to this link. (What are the opportunities for affiliates?)

The Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Space

The Internet of things (IoT) describes physical objects such as circuits, smartphones, wearables, and electronics (or groups of such objects) with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks and finally to the cloud thus providing a “smarter” service and experience for the user. This concept of having devices in day-to-day use that can be interconnected and thus centrally controlled is finding application in consumer, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure

For instance, suppose the streetlight in front of your house had been integrated into the IoT and its bulb burns out. Once this happens, a message will be sent to your city’s maintenance department alerting them that the bulb of a streetlight has burned out. The specific location will also be provided such that the maintenance team can pinpoint the exact location and solve the problem

This kind of “smart technology” is already being used and will become prevalent in the next decade. The application of IoT concept in the above spaces is going to explode from 2023 and beyond. As a matter of fact, this one is going to be a huge opportunity in e-commerce with several niches for vendors and indeed affiliates. The following are possible niche areas:

Consumer IoT products space

Several consumer products operating on the IoT concept are going to continue hitting the consumer markets. Affiliates have opportunities in the promotion of a growing portion of IoT devices created for consumer use in the following niches, including;

3) Home automation Niche,

4) Wearables niche,

5) Connected health niche, and

6) Appliances with remote monitoring capabilities niche,

among others. These niches offer continuous opportunities for affiliate marketing.

Commercial IoT Products space

They include selling to entities such as Medical and healthcare, where the IoT to this sector can be customized to the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Affiliates can work with companies that specialize in the manufacture and sale of such devices, software etc., that together make Healthcare Smart. Affiliates have opportunities in the promotion of a growing portion of IoT devices created for consumer use in the following niches:

7) IoT medical and health devices niche, that deals in such products as:

  • Blood pressure and heart rate monitors,
  • Pacemaker implant,
  • Fitbit electronic wristbands,
  • Smart beds, and

8) Emergency Health notification systems niche,

which deals in such devices as:

  • Mobile devices to support medical follow-up,
  • Intelligent sensors,
  • Wearables, among others.

Affiliates have the opportunity of promoting the above devices.

IoT supported Products in the Transport sector space:

The IoT will be useful in the integration of communications, control, and information processing across various transportation systems. Typically, the application of the IoT will extend to all aspects of transportation systems including the vehicles, the infrastructure [road network/infrastructure], and the driver or user.

Dynamic interaction between these components of a transport system enables inter- and intra-vehicular communication [V2X], smart traffic control, smart parking, electronic toll collection systems, logistics and fleet management, vehicle control, safety, and environment monitoring. Affiliates have opportunities in these niches. Including:

9) Connected vehicles niche,

Under this niche, affiliates can promote fleet tracking Geotab solutions.

10) Smart traffic control niche:

Axxonsoft, is a brand name in this niche with a partner program. Essentially, Axxonsoft sells its products and solutions solely through a network of partners. Most importantly, unlike other companies that sell some of their products through partners and some directly to the end-user, Axxonsoft only sell through our partners – which means they are dedicated to helping the partner grow his/her business, rather than competing with them.

So, when you join their partner program, you will be offered full training about the products and solutions they offer and their business model. This will help you succeed in selling their products as well as growing your business.

11) Vehicular communication systems/vehicle-to-everything communication (V2X) niche.

V2X which will enable autonomous driving to be a reality!! I find as a lucrative niche for affiliates.

Typically, V2X is subdivided into three main components, which may be promoted under one niche or each constituting a separate niche: i.e.,

  • Vehicle to Vehicle communication (V2V),
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure communication (V2I) and
  • Vehicle to Pedestrian communications (V2P).

V2X is the first step to autonomous driving and connected road infrastructure. Although this technology is not yet deployed, its development is in advanced stage and soon it will be rolled out. This is a very strategic niche to a forward-looking affiliate.

12) Self-Driving Cars Niche:

As we are starting to consolidate a new era driven by artificial intelligence [AI] and Machine Learning [ML], cars are no longer a fictious imagination but rather a feasible reality.

The infrastructure including both inter– and intra-vehicular communication [V2X], smart traffic control, smart parking, electronic toll collection systems, logistics and fleet management, vehicle control, safety, and environment monitoring, are in advanced stage of development. This infrastructure makes self-driving a possible and safe reality.

According to FleetNews, UK, self-driving vehicles are set to hit the UK roads by 2025. This will be possible, if the UK Government enacts a legislation guiding the roll out of these cars.

If this is the projection in the UK, it is not far-fetched to predict that within the same period, self-driving cars will be rolled even in such countries like the USA, Japan and German.

So, perhaps in the next 5-10 years, many of us will be shuttling around in self-driving cars. Combined with the internet of things, I believe there will be thousands of digital opportunities spawned by this world-changing technology. Keep your eyes open and ears to the ground!!

13. Virtual Reality [VR] and Augmented Reality [AR] niche

Virtual reality [VR] is a simulated experience that employs pose tracking and 3D near-eye displays to give the user an immersive feel of a virtual world. In other wards, VR applications immerse the user in a computer-generated environment that simulates reality through the use of interactive devices, which send and receive information and are worn as goggles, headsets, gloves, or body suits.

On the other hand, augmented reality [AR] is a type of virtual reality technology that blends what the user sees in their real surroundings with digital content generated by computer software.

The additional software-generated images with the virtual scene typically enhance how the real surroundings look in some way. AR systems layer virtual information over a camera live feed into a headset or smartglasses or through a mobile device giving the user the ability to view three-dimensional images.

In essence, VR/AR will allow the vendor to deliver a more intuitive and engaging visual shopping experience that lets customers interact with products in an immersive way. As a result, AR technology improves customers’ ability to visualize products before buying them and make more successful purchases.

Typical examples of how the VR/AR technologies are used in e-commerce is via the AR 3D mapping gadgets and wearables as in metaverse VR sets. Affiliates have opportunities of promoting the VR/AR software to vendors/merchants and wearables to customers.

There are a number of companies that have invested in these technologies and also happen to offer affiliate programs. They include:

VR Sync: This is the developer of the VR Sync virtual reality synchronization software that enables users to stream synchronized 360° video across multiple VR devices. This software is highly relevant in the metaverse space since VR is one of the metaverse’s cornerstones.

VR Sync’s runs an affiliate program, and offers affiliates a good commissions of 30% on every sale> This is a lot more profitable than most other affiliate programs (i.e. most offer 5% to 10%, tops). While the payouts are done through bank transfers within 30 days of purchase or less (one payout every month), yet the cookies last for 60 days, unlike most of the other affiliate programs, whereby the cookies last for as less as for 24 hrs or on half the lifetime of VR Sync.

Another company offering affiliate opportunities in VR sets is Autodesk. This American software company is the name in the computer-aided design niche and as one of the key software designs are the world-famous AutoCAD software and Revit for 3D construction and design of buildings and different structures. These are in addition to such software like the 3ds Max, Maya and Mudbox, that allow users to build, model and animate entire 3D worlds.

As you may have envisioned, these proprietary platforms are not cheap, and Autodesk need the services of affiliates to promote these software, thereby, driving sales at the company. It has an affiliate program to achieve this goal.

Autodesk provide a simple 7% commission on every new sale, and like VR Sync, the program also has a 60-day cookie duration, features geography-specific marketing material, affiliate newsletters to keep everyone updated, and extensive product data feeds.

It should be noted that its newsletters as well as the extensive data feeds, play a big part in getting successful referrals and high conversions since these products usually target design professionals who do deep technical research before choosing what to buy.

Although the commission seem to be low, yet the cost of its products is high, making the revenue for the affiliate very attractive.

VR Cover : There are opportunities for affiliates with VR Cover. This company specializes in selling a variety of cleaning paraphernalia for various VR headsets. Their products range include: replacement skins for leading device brands, namely, Oculus, Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Daydream, among others.

Using these head gears, which are lightweight and comfortable, consumers can obtain rapid entry to an alternate world. These gadgets provide an opportunity to affiliates and indeed VR cover has an affiliate program which can be explore by affiliates.

Once one registers as an affiliate, he/she gains access to the affiliate area and will be able to generate a tracking link with your affiliate link and track the number of purchases that people make on your tracking code.

Besides, its commission of 11% is among what most vendors provide. Coupled with a cookie duration of 90 days, VR Cover affiliate program is among the most profitable.

REVEALiO is US veteran-owned company offering web and mobile app development, interactive augmented reality [AR] experiences, digital marketing campaigns, and media publicity opportunities.

Revealio has a two-tier Virtual Reality Affiliate Program offering up to 20 – 40% in commission to its affiliates. One earns directly from his/her referrals and also if the referrals also become affiliates, they will be placed under him/her and will continue to earn a commission from their conversions.

The figure below illustrates the affiliate commission structure at Revealio.

14) Drones niche

The drones are not new on the market and one may wonder why I am including it in this list of future e-commerce trends. For sure, drone market is already alive and flourishing well online.

However, it should be noted that the drones being sold today are mostly for recreational purposes, and what would possibly be considered as commercial drone applications, are restricted to the military!! So as in the Military, drones provide a future where they will be employed to perform major commercial undertakings.

Let us face it, tomorrow’s drones will not only be employed in such commercial ventures such as product deliveries but will also be used in various fields including construction, real estate, ranching, and agriculture, among others.

The future will also see drones being used prominently and such operations such as search and rescue. For instance, drones are perfect tools for use in finding lost hikers in the wilderness where it’s difficult and time-consuming for rescuers to find them. It can also carry a rescue ‘kit’ with food, water, first aid supplies and a radio that can help lost hikers survive until help arrives.

According to AES Technologies, the size of the agricultural drone market is projected to $4.8 billion, and the total growth of the drone industry is projected reach $90 billion by 2025

The drone market is set to expand greatly in tandem with the embracement of AI technology, along with machine learning. Future drones will not only be versatile but are also set to be smart.

This provides another lucrative niche for affiliates. For a summary of the various affiliate programs in the drone niche, click here please.

15) Voice over Internet Protocol [VoIP] niche

Voice over Internet Protocol [VoLP] is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection rather than analogue phone line. In its operation, one may relate it to Skype. Both Skype and VoIP work by sending data packets from one computer to another.

However, VoLP services have the added advantage of providing customers with dedicated portable phones that they can use wherever they are and whenever they want. This is not the case with Skype, which, if available is only limited to certain phones, and it can be blocked in certain countries.

Moreover, VoLP technology is reliable [as one can get a personalized package], cost-efficient [as if avoids regular purchases of blocks of minutes, but relies on a monthly package you pay once a month], easy to use and requires little technical skill to operate. Is this all with VoLP?

A big NO!! VoIP technology is still evolving and opening up new applications, therefore it presents a very lucrative niche for affiliates.

What are the opportunities for affiliates? Affiliates can promote VoIP phones as well as their accessories. There are many companies with affiliate programs and products ranging from personal use to corporate use. A few examples shall suffice:

VoIP Supply. This company specializes in everything one needs in VoIP services, either for personal, business, or institutional use. VoLP Supply offers everything from VoIP Hardware, VoIP Service, to Support, and Phone Provisioning. All of these product options are opportunities for affiliates to promote if they joined its affiliate program.

Typical products include Wi-Fi VoIP phones, coded IP phones, Video phones, coded earphones, wireless headsets, adapters, routers, among others, and their accessories.

VoiceMeUp is another VoIP company that has an Affiliate Program. Its product range encompasses VoIP phones, both mobile and desktops, along with a 25% commission.

Nextiva is a US-based Connected Communications company that helps businesses grow faster, by providing products and services they may require for their smooth running. Some of its top products include: Commercial Phone Service, Business Phone Service, Small Business Phone System, Small Business VoIP, Cloud PBX, VoIP Call Center, VoIP Phones, and Inbound Call Center.

To reach a wider business community, Nextiva offers an affiliates program; “The Nextiva Affiliate Program” which is managed on two affiliate networks, namely;

  • PartnerStack and
  • Impact Radius.

It is up to you, as an affiliate, to make a choice as to whether you promote Nextiva products through either PartnerStack or Impact Radius. The Nextiva Affiliate Program pays $50 USD
commission per sale/lead, and its cookie period is 90 days.

Virtual PBX is another VoLP provider based in California. Some of its top products iinclude: Auto Attendant, Business Texting, Call Recording, Phone Numbers, Video Conferencing, Virtual PBX Softphone, and Web Phones.

The Virtual PBX affiliate program is among the highest paying VoIP affiliate program, as it can in commissions as low as $50 USD to as high as $1700 USD commission per sale [which is 15%], and its cookie period is 30 days. Below is its commission structure to illustrate the variance in commission ranges:

  • Essentials, Advanced, Enterprise 2-5 Users: $50.00 per order
  • Essentials, Advanced, Enterprise 11-25 Users: $250.00 per order
  • Essentials, Advanced, Enterprise 51-75 Users: $900.00 per order
  • Essentials, Advanced, Enterprise 76-100 Users: $1,200.00 per order
  • Essentials, Advanced, Enterprise 101+ Users: $1,700.00 per order

In a nutshell, you can see that the commissions are commensurate with the numbers of users that have converted. The Virtual PBX affiliate program can be joined through the Impact Radius network.

Who Can Benefit from this Information?

a) Beginners in online business and leveraging affiliate marketing.

If you are of this category, you may use this information here as a guide to enable you choose a trending niche, which will remain evergreen.

b) An affiliate guru.

If you of this category, then you may simply, if you have not yet done it already, widen your scope and add on what you may have over-looked or not known. You also be in position to strategize in such niches that are about to be rolled out.

c) Planning to start an online business and leveraging affiliate marketing.

If you are in this category, and among niche ideas I have shared there are some fitting into such areas you are passionate about, then do not give up with your plans. Indeed, this should be a springboard from which to launch your online affiliate business.

It should be the time to get trained into not only affiliate marketing, but also in online businesses of any kind.

There are so many training platform offering training in starting online businesses, some of which are scams and others genuine. However, most of the legitimate platforms, are not genuine on their pricing of the courses, whereby although they show a lower fee, yet hide some of the fees, only to find them after enrollment.

There is an affordable and legitimate training platform, Wealthy Affiliate, which I have found offering not only an affordable training course but also, having no additional hidden costs. Moreover, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter package where you test out their training and only pay when you have convinced yourself of the suitability of the training to your goals.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> To enroll for a free starter pack click here >>>>>>>>>>>>

d) Startups or SMEs thinking to leverage Affiliate Marketing.

If you are in this category, then you have picked up ideas and companies that can help you set up and affiliate program for your business. If you already have one you may simply need to optimize it for the new paradigm shift. You may also need to know how you may optimize your program for m-commerce. If this is true, then read this post.


AI-powered technology is going to be the dominant player in our future day-to-day living and it is set to revolutionize the way business is done. As with any new development, there losses and gains. Every change brings with it new products [gains] and either remodels the old one for new applications or phases them out [losses] all together.

I have highlighted the new products that have come or about to be rolled out and ably shown how affiliates/publishers and merchants/vendors can position themselves to fit into this change.

I hope you have found out where you can position yourself and reap from these technological changes.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the
comment/question box below and I will make sure you get answered
(probably within 1 hour). Thank you.


Joseph Hawumba

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    I did find it a very technical read, so might not be suitable for beginner affiliate marketers. I agree that self driven cars are become more and more of a reality. But how would an affiliate marketer make money selling a self-driven car? Most people would want to test drive the car, so how would affiliate marketers promote it and still earn from it? Thank you for your ideas. 

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      Secondly, you have some misgivings about how affiliates can promote self-driving cars and earn from such promotions. As I point out, the V2X is grounded on effective communication between vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to pedestrian, and vehicle to infrastructure. These softwares and sensors are some of the components affiliates may promote.

      Thirdly, this post takes affiliate marketing in its entirety i.e. including all players such as merchants/vendors/advertisers/networks, as well as affiliates/publishers. These two entities can find where to explore as per the technological evolution taking place now. Thank you, once again for raising these issues.

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    I’ve personally found that aligning with the right niche can significantly impact success. Your diverse selection, from sustainable products to emerging tech gadgets, reflects the dynamic shifts in consumer preferences. The balance between staying ahead of trends and carving out a niche that resonates with one’s passion is a true art, and your insights make it less of a mystery. Personally, the ‘Health and Wellness Tech’ and ‘Green Living Essentials’ niches resonate with my interests and long-term market potential.

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    This article on affiliate marketing niches for 2023 and onward is very comprehensive.  It is confusing attempting to drill down to find your perfect niche.  And with so many to choose from it is very difficult.  The list given in this article of AI niches expands the search parameters with robotics being a very interesting example.  The Internet of Things, especially medical things which is close to my niche, is also very interesting.  This article is very helpful to anyone trying to find their space in the affiliate marketing world.

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      Hello, Dierdre, thank you for taking time to read this long list of possible niches for 2023 and beyond. I am happy you have identified IoT, the medical wing, to fit into your passion. Please go for it. It appears to be among those that will continuously be “evergreen”. Once again, thank you very much.


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