Optimizing Affiliate Marketing platforms/networks for m-commerce

E-Commerce Trends Overview The rapidly growing and changing E-commerce industry, driven by  new stores and popping up new business ideas as well as models, call for a revolution in the traditional modle on which businesses have been running. Notably, while global E-commerce revenues hit $4.9 trillion in 2021, growth in retail e-commerce is forecast to… Read More »

Ads-ecosystem: A must-know by Advertisers and Publishers

Overview In the digital advertisement, Ad-ecosystems are groups of various components that co-exist within the content environment and work synergistically, for successful advertisement campaigns. Both publishers and Advertisers must understand the ecosystem of digital advertisement. This will, in turn, help the two players, to develop an agreeable mode of operation, when conducting an online Ad-campaign,… Read More »

Ad Fraud Detection and Prevention Mechanisms

Overview Digital advertising is one of the sources of revenue for both the advertisers and indeed the publishers/affiliates. Knowing the targets of cyber criminals in the processing of the Ads is very important in the early detection and thus, prevention of ad fraud While advertisers earn revenue from the increased traffic to their websites which… Read More »

Is Working A Blessing Or A Curse?

Do you realize that working or having something to do is a blessing? Have you ever been idle and looking for what to do? Are you of the class that regards work and working as a curse? What is your attitude to work? Is working a blessing or a curse? Today I will show you… Read More »