Is working from remote here to stay?

By | October 4, 2022

Before the end of the pandemic, one would think that once it was over, then life would return to the pre-covid era, and perhaps the “new normal” would remain in the public health arena! But  Lo!! what you are about to hear will astound you. Did you know that:

  • a) A survey by mental health research website, Tracking Happiness,  found that the ability to work remotely was positively correlated with employee happiness!! It was observed that remote workers employed full-time exhibited a happiness level roughly 20% higher than their counterparts who worked 100% of the time in the office

  • b) A survey conducted by Growmotely among working professionals and entrepreneurs to share their thoughts on the new work-from-home paradigm, found that 74% of professionals expected remote work to become standard in the post-pandemic era. Moreover, this opinion was also shared by 76% of entrepreneurs, signaling a challenge not only for traditional office spaces but coworking spaces as well.
  • c)  A shocking 97% of employees don’t want to return to the office full-time, in favor of a hybrid sort of arrangement. Do you know what? Only 3% of employees and entrepreneurs surveyed said they wanted to work full time at a physical office when workplaces were in operation, in the post-pandemonium era. Alas, the massive 97% preferred introducing some degree of flexibility between working remotely and working in an office, i,e., a hybrid kind of work arrangement!!
  • d) What does this mean for employers? A hybrid model of work is gonna be a critical factor in both hiring and retaining talents in the company. Notably, companies with flexibility in work schedules i.e, those that do not require employees to spend 100% of their time in the office will be set to compete favorably with their counterparts, as employees evaluate job offers, which in turn, will be the driver of the choice of their place of work.
  • e) Is this all about remote work? Certainly not! It should be noted that remote work helps companies retain staff for a number of reasons. Many employees appreciate the flexibility and enjoy being able to work away from the office environment. It potentially allows stay-at-home parents to continue working when they may otherwise be forced to stop.

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2 thoughts on “Is working from remote here to stay?

  1. Stratos K

    People surely prefer the comfort of their house for their work. You are in a far better environment, you can have your piece of mind, no frustrating colleagues, no boss welling at you and you can arrange your working hours to your needs and preferences. I think it is a no brainer why most people prefer this kind of work.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, Stratos, thank you for your observation. There are so many workplace hazards one can avoid if he/she works remotely. Thank you once again for your comment.


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