It is All Work and No rest, Yet Happy!!

By | October 10, 2022


If you were given a job paying you handsomely but requiring you to work 24/7 or continuously, would you take it? Chances are that you will object. However, because of the hefty pay, you may give it a try. However, when you pick up your application for the job, the employer tells you that he hoped that you understood the conditions for the job i.e., “It is all work and no rest”. In other words you will have to work all days of the week and no holidays. Unless you are an atheist, you may not work beyond two months before quitting.

Do you know that business owners work continuously and yet take holidays and retreats!! If you did not know this then this could be an opportunity to discover a treasure you have been missing for so long. But you are likely to ask, which one? Apparently, all things are known and nothing is hidden!!

True, although it may have been discovered by others, it could be hidden from you. What I am talking about is the opportunity of running your business 24/7 for 12 months, and then years, yet with the luxury of taking holidays and resting weekends with your friends and family. If you think this information is valuable to you, then try this online business.

You know the internet is open 24/7 and reaching anyone in different parts of the world regardless of whether you are sleeping in your time zone or not. It does not know holidays, weekends, or any such special occasions. It is open and accessible all the time.

Are there Such Business opportunities?

There are several online business opportunities to think about ranging from opening online stores to digital marketing. Have you ever thought about an online business that you can start with the least capital and yet it can pay you handsomely? Did you know that there are online businesses whereby you determine your earnings!! If you have been looking for such an opportunity, then you have arrived at the right source.

Considering digital marketing

Digital marketing is defined as one of the components of marketing that uses the Internet along with other online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. This is where Affiliate marketing falls. In Affiliate marketing, you do not need to manufacture any products or create any services, but rather you promote the companies with such products and services, who, in turn, will pay you for such activity.

Theoretically, you can promote as many products and services as available and earn as much as you deserve at any time and in any season. You will thus be as employed to work continuously without holidays and weekends off rest!!

Practically, you have to narrow such products/services to the ones you have an interest in and are passionate about, and then find a better way to present them to prospective customers. And to do this you must have an address on the internet. This is your website. There are those telling you that you do not need one, but if you are serious about this business model, you will certainly need to have it.

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Doesn’t such sound so simple and straightforward? Indeed, it sounds so!! But why are so many not doing it and those doing it are, some are failing !! Read ahead to find out why one may fail in this lucrative business venture. It is important to know some of the primary causes of failure.

Causes of failure in Affiliate Marketing Business

1. The thinking that one can earn without working hard: I started by creating a scenario of an employer requiring employees to work continuously, without weekend offs and holidays, so it is with building the Affiliate Marketing business. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it requires working hard and patience to make it successful. Once it succeeds, then it will give you the freedom of getting holidays and weekends off yet remaining running on “sort of autopilot”.

2. The thinking that one does not require any training to do it: Anyone from any background can indeed do Affiliate marketing, but it is not true that it is a walk-in for everybody and at any time! There are certain principles one needs to acquire to be a successful Affiliate. We at can help you get the necessary training by linking you to the 1Stop training platform you will ever find. Whether you have some experience or are a complete novice, by the end of the training you will be a guru!!

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3. Fearing the unknown: Many people think that one must be a marketing guru to start an affiliate marketing business. If you are passionate about anything, then you can promote and market it. Passion first, then use your interest to fill in the missing links. The missing links could be more information that explains well the product/services to the prospect, and a website.

4. Procrastination: Are you the type who, whenever you meet any slightest challenge,
simply says, oh, let me push it for tomorrow? Even a small task you
push it for a future time. This is procrastination. Before you realized it, you will have wasted a lot of time with little accomplished.

In this type of work, your major task will be to write content that promotes the products/brands/services to prospects and you have the resolve to make sure that the work planned for the day cannot be pushed to
another unless in such circumstances that require you to respond to an emergency. This helps to get the work done and on time, which will convert into productivity. Say no to procrastination by following the tips:

  • Break down big tasks into manageable small tasks
  • Set up a shot deadline for each task
  • Remove any disruptions that may be the causes of procrastination in your circumstances
  • Reward yourself for every achievement attained.

5. Finding another person to blame: That is finding an Alibi [an excuse intended to avoid blame] in every situation where you find yourself on the wrong side. It may be true that you are innocent; if this is the case, then there should be no problem. However, as I have already pointed out earlier, there is learning to be a successful Affiliate and you are bound to make mistakes. My advice is that you should be such a person who owns up to a mistake. In learning, one’s key success is in finding where he/she is deficient and owning up to such a fact, and working to get over it. You cannot cover a mistake and win!


I have shown you what business you can do 24/7 and 365 days and many years, without complaining. I have also shared with you the five major obstacles that you need to surmount to make it a success. Follow these guidelines and your success is in your hands.

There is a good deal of training programs on how to start an online business but very few are committed to ensuring that you succeed. They promote any method and promise that you will get rich quickly.

This is not what we offer at Our goal is to help you understand the method to do it and walk you through training. To ensure that we are a step away from the rest, the starter pack of our training is free. It is then that you will decide whether you would like to continue.
If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comment/question box below and I will make sure you get answered (probably within 1 hour). Thank you.

Joseph Hawumba

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