Jaaxy: The Best Keywords Research Tool For Affiliates

By | November 17, 2022

Perhaps you have heard about keyword research tools, and you are wondering which one is suitable or provides the best service.  I am here to introduce you to “Jaaxy”, the best keywords research tool.

Besides, you may not be conversant with keywords and how search engines interact with keywords, and how keywords interact with search engines to provide users/visitors with the best site to offer what they are looking for.

As an affiliate marketer, you will be involved in writing content for your niche and such content must answer the queries of your audience, hence you should be well-versed in using the relevant keywords.

Without wasting much time; what are keywords? How are they generated and optimized? What are the available tools for generating keywords? Is there a special tool that affiliate marketers should never ignore? What are the benefits of keywords? All these questions will be answered. Keep on reading.

What is/are the keyword (s)?

“Keyword” is a term used to refer to words or phrases associated with particular subjects, documents, or moments, that people enter into a search engine to find the information they’re looking for.

In other words, keywords are used to explore or run specific searches in either the title, or in the subject, in write-ups, in documents, and for internet searches. It means that, if a visitor’s/user’s search keywords match the keywords on your site, your site will show up in the search results.

How are keywords generated and optimized?

As an affiliate/publisher, blogger/Vlogger, or influencer, it’s all about your audience/users/visitors, that should guide you towards generating relevant keywords, which search engines will recognize when your target audience makes searches on the internet.

Therefore, start at the source i.e., your niche/your target audience. Find out what are they looking for that you can provide for them. Once you have established what your audience may be looking for, then figure out what search terms and phrases they may use as keywords in making searches on the internet.

This should help you find which search terms or phrases are best to target and will provide you with insight into the queries that your target audience is searching on Google.

The insight thus gained, will help you move forward to visualize what the actual search terms would be, which in turn, will help in devising a concrete content strategy as well as a larger marketing strategy.

I have found that it’s better to start with larger concepts. This will help you find out what your audience is asking for, and then narrow it down to very specific questions to find out keyword options.

Once you have found out the keyword options, then go ahead and optimize your keywords ideas to find out which ones will form good content that ranks well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

There are several free keyword generation and optimization tools online you can use to optimize your search terms and come up with keywords to use in writing high-ranking content for the target audience.

Note that search engines look for search terms/keywords which the user/visitor types in when looking for a particular item among the billions and billions of content on the world wide web. Because of this fact, one cannot understand keywords properly, if he/she does not understand what is called search engine optimization (SEO).

What is/are Search engine (s)?

Simply stated, a search engine is a program or software that an individual looking for something on the internet access to get assistance to find and collect information about search queries on the world wide web.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing, among others, are typical examples of search engines currently in use and are helpful to users/visitors by performing systematic searches on the web and displaying the results that best match the users’ query.

What happens when a user types in a search term or phrase, the search engines sift through a vast database of cataloged keywords along with their URLs and then return a listing of best-matching Web pages, that are per the search criteria.

The search results (i.e., page ranking) depend on the perceived quality of the page (quality score) and several factors such as location, frequency of keywords, and links or click through rates.

If you are an online entrepreneur, your goal is to have as many visitors as possible such that you convert many into buyers. In a nutshell, affiliates would like to create content that answers many, if not, all of the queries of the visitors in a specific niche.

This means that the affiliates or any other online marketers must make sure that they pitch the content on their website in search a way that search engines quickly recognize them and rank them highly when any users/visitors make an online search. That is the essence of search engine optimization or SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Therefore, Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

In other words, companies/merchants/affiliates pitch up their website content in ways that increase their visibility when users/visitors do searches online for services or products related to what they offer.

The more easily your website is visible in search results, the more likely you are to have more visitors and potential customers. Therefore, SEO focuses on content strategy, technical problem-solving, and understanding personas.

A successful search engine optimization campaign will have, as part of the improvements, carefully selected, relevant, keywords which the on-page optimization will be designed to make prominent for search engine algorithms.

Since SEO targets unpaid traffic (known as “natural” or “organic” ) rather than direct traffic or paid traffic, it works gradually to catch the interest of the audience to your search engine results.

Hence, SEO is based on the skills that should enable you to use relevant keyword research, build perfect links, and have well-pitched and highly targeted content. If you have or develop these skills, then your investment in SEO should help boost your business and show quick results.

Now that you have understood the link between keywords, search engines, and search engine optimization, l am going to show you the role of keywords in writing content that ranks in search engines and also show you the tool that you should use to get the best and highly targeted keywords.

But do use any words or phrases for search terms/keywords for SEO? Is there a guiding principle? Sure, there is a guiding principle. Keywords are categorized into majorly two types. Continue reading.

What are the two types of keywords used in SEO?

When conducting keyword research, it is important to consider two types of keywords, namely; high-volume keywords and long-tail keywords. Knowing what each keyword type is can help you target the right keywords with your SEO strategy.

High-volume keywords are search terms that have a large search volume. In other words, many people are querying these terms on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

On the other hand, long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword
phrases that users/visitors are more likely to use when they are closer to a point of purchase. It should be noted that long-tail keywords have lower search volume, meaning that they have low competition, and are more targeted to a particular audience.

Now that you have understood enough about keywords, search engines, and search engine optimization, let me explain to you which of the available tools can help you to generate good keywords, preferably, long-tail keywords.

What are the available tools for generating keywords?

There are many seemingly, free online keywords generating tools, although as you may discover, they are not completely free. As I pointed out at the outset, once you have figured out what your target audience may be looking then you’ll need to create a list of keywords to target. These may be broad ideas in your chosen niche.

To explore these broad ideas, it may be prudent to perform keyword research using the free option such as

keywordtool.io. Here you will simply type in the keywords ideas you generated, and it will give you a list of phrases that contain that term.These phrases with your keyword will be useful, when you reach the optimization stage, as I will explain later.

You may also do a preliminary search using the Google search bar and see what other suggestions pop up as you type.

There are also tools out there to help you discover keywords that your competition is using. Tools like Ahrefs, and SEMRush can show you terms that people have searched for and can help you understand your competition.

By now, you will have had a list of potential keywords, and it’s at this time that you will need the best tool to help you refine and evaluate which of the potential keywords are worth targeting.

Although you can use many different tools for this, including a free option i.e., Google AdWords Keyword Planner, yet if you are an Affiliate, there is one keyword tool that will serve you the best. Do you want to know what this tool is? Then do not go anywhere. You are at the right place. Continue reading.

Jaaxy, the best keywords research tool affiliates should never ignore

Sure, any affiliate marketer should consider the Jaaxy tool. This tool does more than keyword research. First of all, it analyses a good deal of metrics for one keyword (or phrase), which should enable you to find high-traffic, as well as low-competition keywords [long-tail keywords].

This will greatly improve your chances of ranking in all the major search engines, namely, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You may ask, and truly you need to, what is this tool called Jaaxy?

Why Jaaxy?

  • § It should be noted that every day, over 500 Million “brand new” search terms are being searched, and therefore, it is important that you have, at your disposal, a keyword tool that can, not only offers accurate traffic but also determine competition, as well as offering domain insights into billions of keywords. Look now where else, Jaaxy is the tool.
  • § With this Keyword Research Tool, you are going to be able to quickly discover unique, hot, and long-tail keywords that you will use to drive your SEO and PPC campaigns to new heights.

Other keyword tools can provide you with good keywords, but Jaaxy surpasses them all. But in what way (s)? Please keep on reading.

  • This keyword research tool, [by determining the Quoted Search Results (QSR)] will allow you to “spy” on your competition by probing into WHY their websites are ranking, and where they are ranking.This will surely help you will get insightful data into their website’s content structure, meta tags, content quality, length, backlinks, and ad placements, along with other information that the competition simply would hoard.

Plain and simple, this information is going to give you a competitive edge.

  • Jaaxy determines keywords quality using its Keywords Quality Indicator [KQI] and shows you whether it is great [green], neutral [yellow], or poor [read]. Beyond that Jaaxy will provide you with alternative keywords, that are of high quality
  • Jaaxy will provide you with information on the average searches for the proposed keyword per month and hence this will provide you with a sense of traffic.
  • Most importantly, the Jaaxy tool will help you understand how your keywords rank in the search engines, using its SEO software which analyses both the traffic and competition, to generate a score [ranging from 1-100). The higher the score, the more likely you will rank for that particular keyword on the first page if a visitor happens to use it in his/her search terms.
  • In addition, Jaaxy will not only help you with keyword research but can also be used in refining your niche research. So even when you want to find out which niche could be profitable, Jaaxy is your companion.
  • Finally, Jaaxy has its affiliate program. You have the chance of earning revenue when you become their affiliate and promote Jaaxy to other affiliates.

Are you ready to try it yourself?

Now it is your turn to try it and appreciate its effectiveness. As the saying goes: “seeing is believing!!”

Take any keywords ideas you have generated from the free tools highlighted above and type them in the search tool below and perform a search. Then go ahead and look for long-tail keywords paying special attention to both QSR and SEO values.

As I wind up let me briefly highlight the benefits of keywords.

Benefits Of Keywords

Keywords Can Give Direction:

As an affiliate, you may think of a new niche and then you will realize that planning is a vital part of mooting strategy to see that your new niche grows into a viable revenue-generating business. So, it is with Keywords. You have this broad idea about your niche, and as an affiliate, you are thinking of the content to enrich and define your niche to your audience. So, when you start to research keywords, this gives you more Focus & Direction.

For instance, your interests may take you to a specific niche, and it will come to your mind that you should know the niche to write good content which will sell to the target audience.

However, as you do your keyword research on your new niche, you fish out keywords & specific things that the prospective audience is interested in. This will prompt you to focus on the best topics around your niche.

Find New Niche ideas:

If you have a new niche idea or business props up in your mind, keyword research can assist you to build and develop it. You need a tool that can help you both to provide you with knowledge about the product you need to sell or the content to write and help you refine your niche ideas. If you are an Affiliate marketer/Publisher, do not look anywhere, Jaaxy is the only tool you need.

Keywords Get you Rank in Search Engines:

Currently, Google is best search engine, so, it is prudent that you optimize your Jaaxy-generated keywords, in Google. I have to point out that the Jaaxy tool will take care of the optimization of the keywords not only in Google but also in the other search engines i.e., Yahoo & Bing. You will be lucky if you were the only one in the niche or promoting specific products in your niche.

So, if you want to do research properly, you should at looking for such keywords which your competitor’s searching for. This will provide you with an opportunity to find which keywords are not the focus of your competitor, yet are high-ranking in search engines as shown by the SEO score.

As already pointed out above, the Jaaxy keywords research tool can do all of these and will help you focus the planning by following the right keywords, that rank higher than your competition.

Therefore, proper research, using the right tool, helps you to choose keywords with the lowest competition and the highest chance of being listed in the top result in the Google search.

Take Care of Competition Analysis:

For every Affiliate marketer, Merchant, and indeed any business, success is the final destination of their businesses and their websites. Keyword research will determine whether or not it’s worth pursuing either a specific niche or promoting a specific product, or advertisement campaign.

A typical example is the “Health niche”. This niche is very competitive and if you want to venture into this niche, then you must be very specific in choosing a niche within health to specialize in. There could be anything like “back pain in men” or “prevention of hair loss in women” within this health niche.

To do this competition analysis, you will need to check how trustworthy the other websites which are in the top listing keywords you are searching for are. This can be smoothly done using a thorough keyword research tool, and Jaaxy is the tool.

Keywords Help you to target the right audience:

A successful business or website is one that targets the right audience. For example: Suppose you start a website about “basketball.” So writing articles about “baseball” cannot make basketball fans interested in your website though these are seemingly similar topics.

This is a straightforward example to give you a clear idea about the importance of targeting the right audience. So, it should not be overemphasized that good keyword research helps you to be focused on the right audience.

Keywords can be a good vehicle for You to Get big Social Share:

Relevant keyword research will enable you to provide your social media followers with the proper information that they want. Once this is achieved, they will be more interested in sharing your either blog post or content. In this way, your website will grow and advance organically.

Notably, quite a several Facebook & Twitter account holders and/or followers share blogs/content that has interested them to their followers. This way, if you are creating blog posts or content or images, or YouTube videos, then be sure of adding means of sharing your content on social media outlets.

Successful Keywords Research Mastery Gives Life Skills:

Once you master the art/science of finding low-competition and high-ranking keywords, you can do this for any website or business that you own in the future. Even if you are using a superior keyword tool, like Jaaxy, there is still a learning curve. You should find keywords that have enough searches and are worth going after. It takes practice to choose the correct keywords.


I have briefly explained what keywords are and why they are an indispensable part of affiliate marketing and indeed other online businesses. I have also helped you see how search engines depend on keywords to determine the best site with quality content and then rank it on the search pages. I have showed you the best keywords research tool, Jaaxy, developed by affiliate marketers and for affiliates and indeed other online businesses that not only suggest for you the best likely keywords but go ahead to analyze and score their ranking in search engines and they compete with others in similar niches.

Do not waste time with mediocre keyword research tools.

Grab this chance and register freely with the Jaaxy keywords research tool, and you will not only be helped in generating low-tail keywords, but you will also enjoy other services such as refining your niche, and site ranking, among others.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the
comment/question box below and I will make sure you get answered
(probably within 1 hour). Thank you.


Joseph Hawumba

8 thoughts on “Jaaxy: The Best Keywords Research Tool For Affiliates

  1. Lizzy Stabel

    I have been using Jaaxy for quite some time now and I find it very handy and expanded. You can even check out the competition from other websites, do the ‘alphabet soup”, and so much more. Although I still use Jaaxy in combination with Google itself to look for long-tail keywords. Great article, thanks!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, Lizzy, thank you for the comment. True, it is good to find broader ideas from free keyword tools and fine-tune them using Jaaxy. I also do that and have advised it in this post. Thank you, once again for this comment.

  2. Alice

    Affiliate marketers and bloggers know how important keyword research is because it’s what will help their posts rank on search engines. I’ve tried other keyword research tools and although they have been helpful as well, Jaaxy in my opinion is one of the best. It’s very easy to use and you can even check your posts’ rankings in the three major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

    I am really glad I found the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool. I highly recommend this too.

    Great review.

    1. admin Post author

      Alice, thank you very much to add your opinion to mine. We do not advocate throwing away other keyword search tools, but rather always fine-tune your found keywords in Jaaxy in order to realize the best long-tail keywords, of SEO and ranking. Thank you, once again.

  3. angelce903

    Since I used Jaaxy, I had a very good experience with it. The keywords are on pint, as well as the score. You know from scratch what kind of keywords will be the most appropriate for my articles. Now every time I have an idea for an article, I always look to Jaaxy first to see if the keywords are on pint. And I’ve never been disappointed!

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for the comment; it adds strength to what I have said about this keywords platform.

  4. Kayamba

    Hey Joseph, 

    I’ve been using the Jaaxy keyword search for seven months now, and I can confess that this tool is the best in the industry. It’s simplicity, but with a variety of functions makes the Jaaxy unique.

    Keyword research helps any blogger to understand the search intent for your target keyword(s).  This can give a good indication of which results Google deems to be the most relevant to your search query and target keywords. But the Jaaxy does much more! You can even check how your URLs are ranking in the search engines.

    Thank you so much for your honest and sincere analysis of the Jaaxy.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, Kayamba, it is good that you confirm what I have presented. Jaaxy is a tool that serves anyone with the intent to meet the target audience. When it is used properly, there is no doubt, one will be able to write content that will rank high in search engines as well as reach the targeted audience. Thank you, once again for your comment.


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